Australian Bushfires

Are The Australian Bushfires Our Future?

The skies are red, multiple temperature records have been broken, the smoke has turned nearby glaciers brown, and there is no end in sight. These Australian bushfires might just be what’s waiting for humanity in the future.

So far, the fires have claimed millions of acres, stolen at least 20 lives, and have destroyed over 1000 houses. However, there is no end in sight as Australia typically has its hottest months during January and February.

This means we may have two or three more months before these fires are under control.

The Earth is Becoming Uninhabitable

Uninhabitable Land

Australia might be one of the first parts of the Earth that are showing clear and indisputable evidence of climate change.

They recently had the hottest day in their history at 107.4F and there is plenty of time for that to rise with their warmest months ahead of them. The skies have turned red and are full of smoke, which has made it difficult to breathe.

And with the bushlands literally burning, it’s like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie. However, it’s not fake and it might be what the world is like in the future.

Why Climate Change Will Make Fires a Common Sight

The most well-known climate change fact is that the Earth will get warmer. As a direct result of this, the planet will also get drier, which creates the perfect situation for a fire.

Dry brush and trees make the perfect fuel for a fire. And once the weather conditions are set, there really isn’t much that can be done to prevent a fire.

All we can do is mitigate the situations. And that is exactly what we are seeing today.

A Fiery Pattern

One thing has been pretty consistent in 2019, the fires.

California lost 250,000 acres of forest and cost a whopping $80 billion in damage and economic impact.  On top of this, the state saw rolling blackouts as a safety measure to prevent faulty lines from starting new ones.

The Amazon rainforest had over 80,000 unique forest fires that burned away millions of acres. Considering that the Amazon produces 20% of our planet’s oxygen, it will have serious ramifications for our future.

Of course, there are more fires that took place in Russia, Indonesia, Lebanon, and other places around the world.

To close out this year of devastating fires, the Australian bushfires have caused serious damage and will be continuing into 2020 without an end in sight.

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