Energy and Water Can be Produced by this Device

Climate Change

Climate change, fresh water shortages, energy shortages and more are just some of the problems humanity faces. But what if there was a device that can help with all three?

Scientists have created a device that produces green energy and can distill seawater into fresh water. This is particularly useful in sunny climates that regularly experience water shortages.

Why is this a Big Deal

Water and energy are very closely linked. Most energy production requires large amounts of water. On the flip side, seawater distilleries require large amounts of energy.

In fact, a report states that in the United States and Western Europe, 50% of water withdrawals are for energy production.

This new technology now allows you to generate energy while distilling seawater. And the best part is it’s all green energy. Thus, there are no harmful emissions that speed up climate change.

How Does it Work?

Solar panels are becoming more efficient, affordable and widespread every year. However, most only average a 15%-20% efficiency and all of the extra heat they absorb is wasted.

Instead of wasting that extra heat, this technology harnesses it to distill seawater. In their experiments, the scientists were able to produce three times as much fresh water as normal solar stills.

Yet, they were able to still produce energy at 11% efficiency.

Remember, that’s only a few percentage points lower than the average and you are producing fresh water as well.

More Research Needed


While the experiments are quite successful, there is plenty to still do. This technology will not be ready for commercial use for some time. On top of this, it requires a large amount of land.

While it is producing more water than traditional solar stills, it is not intended for large cities. Instead, it is intended for small to medium use. This will surely be a technology to keep your eyes on in the future.

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