Increased Performance & Reliability

What a summer! Upgrades galore!

One of the unique things about GreenGeeks web hosting is that we’re always looking for ways to provide our customers with the best possible hosting experience. This is what sets us apart from the competition. I’ve worked at other hosting providers where there were no advancements. It was boring and it really affected the customers’ chance of succeeding online. Not at GreenGeeks though, we’re always hungry for more. We’re always testing new hardware, new software, new security tools, etc. Anything that would benefit our customers.

While we’re always making advancements, this summer was particularly a busy one. We’ve enabled Dual PHP support, Google Apps integration, One-Click SSL activation’s and more.

The most notable upgrade was our hardware upgrades. We have upgraded all of our customers to the latest Intel Xeon processors, increased physical RAM on the servers and upgraded our storage array’s. What this means is increased performance and reliability for your websites and best of all, at no additional cost to you.

Have you noticed a difference in performance? Comment below!


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