Our Scalable Hosting Platform

Early last month, we announced that we made improvements to our hosting service by revamping our shared hosting platform to increase performance, reliability, and scalability.  These improvements were put in place to lay the ground work for many things to come as we are investing heavily in making our hosting the best there is.

Our vision as a hosting provider is to allow our customers to focus on deploying, managing and growing their websites without having to worry about the underlying technology. The hosting platform should just work. We like to refer to this ideology as “HaaS” (hosting-as-a-service). We are moving towards a more streamlined hosting experience for our customers.

Web hosting was simple in the past, a web hosting provider would simply purchase a server, place cPanel on it and then start to provision customers on it. When it reached a certain threshold, you provisioned a new server and rinse-repeat.

Things have changed.

Customers want more resources, more tools and they want it to work all together with very little to no learning curve. Our goal is to achieve this and more.

With that being said… today I want to announce the next advancement to our hosting platform:

Scalable Hosting.

Customers will now be able to easily add computing resources such as CPU, RAM, and I/O in a pay-as-you-go fashion — eliminating the need to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (which brings on server management, security & other concerns to the customer).

Considerable improvements to our container-based technology were also done, specifically to allow our set of intelligent systems & tools to automatically move hosting accounts around on our platform based on resource supply & demand to maintain always-fast performance and always-on reliability hosting for your website.

Learn more about Scalable Hosting and how you can apply it to your hosting account.

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