GreenGeeks Ranks Top Tier, A+ Rating for WordPress Hosting in 2021!

The annual Review Signal hosting benchmarks are in for 2021, and GreenGeeks has been recognized as a top-tier WordPress hosting company for our outstanding performance. In fact, Review Signal gave us an “A+” on their ranking platform.

For years, we have been improving our services to meet our customer’s needs. And now our services are recognized among the best in the industry.

Our goal as a hosting company is simple; provide the best possible service we can without impacting the environment. And on both fronts, we are excelling.

To help the environment, we purchase three times the energy we use in clean wind energy. That means every website is actually carbon-negative! And as you are about to see in these tests, our web hosting services are among the best around.

What Is Review Signal?

Review Signal is a highly respected independent web hosting review site. It uses a variety of tests and properly gauges how effective web hosting companies are performing in specific areas.

These include a Load Storm test, which simulates heavy traffic on the website for visiting pages and logging in and out. The results provide the response time of the website and see if it can handle large spikes in traffic.

This includes:

  • K6, which tests the cached versions of the website
  • uptime tests performed by two companies, Hetrix and Uptime Robot
  • a webpage test from 12 locations around the world
  • WP Bench and PHP benchmarking
  • SSL testing
  • and others

It’s a comprehensive review and provides some of the most accurate data available for each company.

What Is A Top Tier Hosting Company?

Review Signal declares all hosting companies that maintain a consistent 99.9% uptime during the testing period, the load testing has no impact on performance, and there are a minimal number of errors as top tier.

It is important to mention that factors like support, features, and environmental impact have no bearing on the results. These tests completely focus on performance.

Test Results

The following section outlines the results of the individual tests and demonstrates why GreenGeeks is one of the best web hosting companies on the market.

Load Storm Testing Results

This test simulates high traffic scenarios and makes sure the web host can manage those requests.

RESULTS: With nearly half a million requests made, our services showed no degradation and performed among the best. Our response times remained fast during peak traffic conditions and were among the best in regards to the number of errors.

K6 Test Results

The K6 tests the cached performance by repeatedly requesting the homepage.

RESULTS: GreenGeeks dominated in this regard and produced zero errors and one of the fastest times on the list. In total, with over 400,000 requests, every single one went through.

Talk about accuracy.

Uptime Testing

The uptime tests uses two different results to provide the most accurate information.

RESULTS: This was, once again, another home run for GreenGeeks. According to the Uptime Robot test, we had an average uptime of 99.998% and the Hetrix test was 99.9912%, which makes us one of the most reliable in the industry.

WebPageTest Testing

This test loads web pages from 12 unique areas of the world to demonstrate performance on the international scale.

RESULTS: Our average global speed was 1.2113, which was among the best. The test locations include Virginia, California, Salt Lake City, London, Frankfurt, Cape Town, Singapore, Mumbai, Tokyo, Sydney, Brazil, and Dubai.

SSL Testing Results

The SSL Server Test takes a deep look at the SSL certificate installed.

RESULTS: Once again, GreenGeeks dominated. We were one of four companies that received the highest possible score of A+. And just as a reminder, our SSL certificate is free!

We’re Continuing to Improve

Being recognized as one of the top web hosting companies available is an accomplishment we are proud of.

However, it doesn’t mean there isn’t more work to do.

GreenGeeks will continue improving it’s services and the support we provide customers. And we will achieve this while keeping our commitment to the environment.

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