How to Set up a Domain Alias in cPanel

A cPanel Domain Alias points or redirects the alias domain to the contents of another. This is helpful if you own several types of one domain. For instance, you could own the «.com» and «.net» versions of your site. In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up a domain alias in cPanel.

How Does a Domain Alias Work?

If we set up as an alias of, a visitor going to would land on the site. The domain would remain in the browser address bar. Essentially, we are pointing multiple domains to the same location.

Note that older versions of cPanel used the term, «Parked Domains» rather than «Aliases.» Functionally, they are the same thing. Only the name has changed.

Set up a Domain Alias in cPanel

Log in to cPanel.

In the «Domains» section, click the «Aliases» link or icon.

set up a domain alias in cPanel

In the «Create a New Alias» section, enter the alias domain name in the «Domain» field, then click the “Add Domain” button.

click “Add Domain”

When the domain alias has been added you will see a success message.

cPanel domain alias success message

Make sure the alias domain you are adding points to the same name servers as the primary domain.

Removing or Redirecting a Domain Alias in cPanel

Scroll down to the «Remove Aliases» section.

To delete a Domain Alias

In the «Actions» column, click the «Remove» link or icon.

click the "Remove" link or icon

On the next page, click the «Remove Alias» button.

click the "Remove Alias" button

When the domain alias has been removed you will see a success message.

success message

To redirect a Domain Alias

If for any reason you wish to redirect the Domain Alias, in the «Actions» column, click the «Manage Redirection» link or icon.

to redirect a domain alias

In the «Alias Redirection» section, enter the new URL that you wish the Domain Alias to point to.

Click the «Save» button.

click the "Save" button

That’s All There Is to It

As you’ve seen, Domain aliases are easy to set up. Do you point multiple domains to your website? If so, do you use domains other than the «big three» .com, .net and .org?

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