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Does GreenGeeks Offer a Grace Period?

Payments are due by the invoice due date. If an invoice is unpaid after the due date, the account is automatically suspended and a late fee is added to the overdue invoice. You will then have a minimum of four days to make payment and avoid potential service termination.

GreenGeeks understands that sometimes circumstances beyond your control can result in the need for a couple of extra days to make a payment. If you find yourself in that situation, contact our billing department before the due date and we will work with you to avoid service interruptions and late fees.

If an account was suspended due to an overdue invoice, once the overdue invoice is paid in full, the account will be reactivated within 15 minutes of us receiving the payment. It is your responsibility, however, to verify that the account has been reactivated and to notify us in the rare case that the account remains suspended.

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