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Domain Transfer Instructions (Transfer in To GreenGeeks)

To transfer a domain name to the GreenGeeks registrar, a few requirements must be met. Before you proceed with a domain transfer make sure you have verified that each item in this list is configured as required.

Is there an existing website or email accounts associated with the domain that you wish to copy to GreenGeeks? When transferring a domain to a new registrar, by default, only the domain name registration is moved over, moving the website or email accounts requires a separate migration process.

To have your website or email accounts copied over to GreenGeeks, submit a Site Migration Request from within the GreenGeeks dashboard, prior to transferring the domain, or updating the nameservers to point to GreenGeeks nameservers.

Failure to migrate the website or email accounts in advance of updating the nameservers may result in your website or email accounts being inaccessible.

Has the domain been registered for at least 60 days? A domain is not eligible for transfer until 60 days after initial registration.

Is the domain expired or close to the expiration date? When transferring a domain to a new registrar, GreenGeeks recommends any domain that has less than 2 weeks prior to expiration be renewed with the existing registrar before beginning the domain transfer process.

Was the domain recently renewed?  If the domain was just renewed with the existing registrar, you must wait 60 days before submitting a domain transfer request. If you transfer a domain before then, an additional year will not be added to its expiration date, and you will still be charged a transfer fee.

Is the domain locked? If so, it has to be unlocked. Contact the current registrar for instructions.

Does the domain use whois privacy protection? If so, it must be disabled during transfer.

Are the name servers for the domain pointing to the GreenGeeks name servers? Update the domain’s name servers to point to GreenGeeks. Contact the current registrar for instructions.

Important: The website and email accounts need to be migrated over to GreenGeeks, before updating the nameservers, to avoid interruption; note that the name server settings cannot be changed during the domain name transfer process.

Do you have the domain authorization code? Contact your current registrar for the code (they may refer to it as an “Auth Code” or an “EPP Code”).

Are you the administrative e-mail contact in the whois record for the domain? The administrative email contact authorizes the domain transfer once the process has begun.

Important: An email will be sent to the administrative email contact for the domain name and the confirmation link in that email must be clicked to verify the transfer. If no action is taken on the confirmation email the transfer will fail.

When all of the requirements have been met and you are ready to transfer the domain, complete the Domain Transfer Form and we will initiate the transfer request.

Submitting the Domain Transfer Form authorizes us to transfer your domain name from the existing registrar to the GreenGeeks registrar.

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