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Why GreenGeeks Has the Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program

My name is Trey Gardner, and I am the CEO of GreenGeeks. I firmly believe we have the best web hosting program in the industry.

I started in 2000 as an affiliate manager for a large web hosting company and ever since then I have continued to work with web hosting affiliates in companies I have worked for as well as my own company GreenGeeks. I understand how valuable our affiliates are to our growth and I have made sure that our marketing department treats our affiliates with special care.

We want our affiliates to make money, but even more importantly, we want them to be sure that the company they are referring business to takes care of the clients they refer. Far too often I have heard from our affiliates about troubles that their referred clients receive at other hosts.

We’ve heard from affiliates about how other companies don’t take care of the clients they receive from affiliates, including slow order activations, incorrect information and logins, downtime, and poor customer service. GreenGeeks is one of the most acclaimed and trustworthy web hosts on the internet today, and we make sure that our clients are quickly contacted for activation, that they receive confirmed logins, we offer free site migrations for over 95% of the types of clients we receive and we have friendly and available support and server administration 24-7.

We take care of our clients, and we take just as much pride in taking care of our affiliates as well, plus we offer some advantages that other web hosting companies and their affiliate programs don’t offer.

One of the first ways that we make sure that our affiliates can maximize their opportunities with us is to let them know of all of their options. We have an affiliate FAQ center for our affiliates to learn when they are paid as well as how much they will be paid (we have a graduated payout schedule to earn more for every account they refer), we offer them the ability to make commissions on all our hosting services (not just some of them) and how our affiliates can send their visitors to the sections of our web hosting services that might best appeal to their clients.

Here is our FAQ section for affiliates.

We offer a way for web hosting affiliates to make more money with us than they can at other companies. We offer a tiered affiliate payout schedule every month. That means the more clients you refer in a given month, each additional client adds $10 for the value of the payout of the newest client and each client they have referred previously within the given calendar month.

So it works like this, we pay $50 for the 1st client in the given month.  If a second client is referred by the affiliate within that month, then the value of the commission for the second and first client goes up to $60 each. A third client referred within that given month, and all three commissions value is $70 each. That continues up to the 6th client where all commissions for the six clients referred in that month plus any additional clients referred, past the sixth client, is valued at $100 each. Here’s the breakdown of the tiered affiliate commission structure. As far as your payout here, we pay regularly, on a schedule.

We pay our affiliates via PayPal, however for affiliates who can consistently send us enough business each month ($10,000 or more in commissions) we offer wire transfers as an option.

Most web hosting companies will not pay affiliates for referring them reseller or VPS web hosting business, but we do. We not only payout commissions to our affiliates for reseller and VPS clients but we also make it easier for our affiliates to refer those clients to us, we have special tracking codes which will redirect people interested in Reseller or VPS services directly to those pages on our web site which talk directly about those services, and we believe we have some of the most competitive reseller and VPS plans anywhere.

In addition to Reseller and VPS hosting, we also offer shared hosting services. Many times someone looking at a shared web hosting plan will have a particular type of CMS program that they want to use to build their web site (or they could have used one of those CMS programs to build a site at another host, and now they are looking to switch to a different host that supports the CMS program they have used).

Some of the most popular CMS programs include; WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla and we have tracking codes you can use to send referrals directly to those pages on our site that showcase our hosting services for those CMS programs. Here’s an article about how to get the redirect codes.

As a bonus incentive for you referring business to us and for an added incentive for your referred clients to sign up with us and make sure you get the most possible commissions we offer each new client a coupon code worth 20% off any annual shared hosting plan they buy or 20% off the first month of the reseller or VPS plan they buy.

Here are the coupon codes you can use to lower your referred clients’ start-up costs with us:

  • TAKE20OFF – 20% annual shared hosting accounts
  • RESELLER20OFF – 20% monthly, quarterly and annual reseller hosting accounts
  • VPS20OFF – 20% monthly VPS hosting accounts

These coupons are not valid for renewals of these accounts with GreenGeeks.

We want to help you watch out for any government regulations regarding making money as an affiliate on the internet. The Federal trade commission in late 2009 issued guidelines that affiliates must follow or else they can run into a legal issue with the government. We have a detailed FAQ on what you need to know to abide by these guidelines so that you can continue to make money with our affiliate program. View the breakdown of the FTC’s guidelines.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you as an affiliate of GreenGeeks. I know we have the best affiliate program for you and I look forward to the business we can do together and especially sending you a nice big check, PayPal payment or if the numbers look great, a wire payment each month.

Trey Gardner
CEO – GreenGeeks

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