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How to Access the Web Server Command Line Through cPanel

WARNING: Exercise caution when accessing your account via the command line. Incorrect or incorrectly used commands can permanently change or delete permissions and files. If you do not have command line experience or are uncertain about a command, we suggest exploring alternatives to using the command line.

GreenGeeks provides SSH access to your website server, but if you can’t run a terminal program on your computer or need quick shell access for any reason, you can open a terminal window in cPanel.

How to Launch the cPanel Terminal

Log in to GreenGeeks and go to cPanel by clicking the “cPanel Login” button in the “Quick Server Login” section.

GreenGeeks dashboard click to log in to cPanel

In the “ADVANCED” section, click the “Terminal” link or icon.

cPanel terminal access step 1

Read the warning and click the “I understand and want to proceed” button.

cPanel terminal access step 2

A terminal window will open in cPanel, and you can run your commands.

cPanel terminal access step 3

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