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Is There a Size Limit on Incoming or Outgoing Email?

Attachments up to 50 MB can be sent or received using your GreenGeeks-hosted email addresses.

Sending or receiving large email attachments can have a detrimental effect on an email server, so attachment size is limited. Capping the attachment size is not a limitation unique to GreenGeeks. Gmail for example, limits attachment size to 25 MB – half of the GreenGeeks limit.

When you have a file larger than 50 MB to send, you might consider uploading the file to a service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive and sending a link to the file in your email message. Most of the file storage services also provide useful options such as setting an expiration date for links, etc.

Note: your recipient’s email service may also have an incoming attachment size limitation, so even though it’s possible to send a 50 MB using your GreenGeeks-hosted email, you might want to keep email attachments under 25 MB to avoid potential delivery problems on the recipient’s end.

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