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Removing IP Addresses From ConfigServer Firewall (CSF)

If users are having problems connecting to your website, the first thing you should check is the server’s firewall.

To do troubleshooting you will need the user’s IP Address (if they don’t know their IP send them to

  1. Log in to GreenGeeks and go to WHM by clicking the “WHM Login” button in the “Quick Server Login” section.
  2. Click “Plugins,” then “ConfigServer Security & Firewall.”
  3. Scroll down to the “ConfigServer Firewall” section where the options for managing IP addresses are located.
  4. In the “Search for IP” option, enter the IP address your user has provided and click the “Search for IP” button. You will receive either a confirmation that the IP Address was blocked, including the reason, or confirmation that the IP is not blacklisted.
  5. To unblock the IP Address, simply click the gold lock icon.

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