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Getting Started: Managing Renewal and Cancellation Options

You can easily manage renewal, cancellation, and other options in a few simple steps. Use a combination of GreenGeeks and the self-cancellation service that GreenGeeks provides.

Managing Renewal Options

In order to manage renewal options, you want to sign in to GreenGeeks.

Account manager Login

By default, all of the services you have with GreenGeeks will renew automatically. However, you will be sent emails leading up to the renewal process. This is to let you know when the auto-renewal will occur.

You can see all the details of your account by clicking on the “View Details” button in your GreenGeeks Dashboard.

View Details

This will take you to a view with all of your account info and links to manage everything, including all your add-ons.

Hosting Account Details

Managing Cancellations

Canceling any hosting service or add-on that you have with GreenGeeks is simple. We have a self-cancellation process that allows you to fully manage and cancel any of your services.

To cancel a service with GreenGeeks, please log in to the GreenGeeks Cancellation page with your account information. Follow this cancellation link:

Once logging in, you will see a list of your current services. Check on the service/s that you would like to cancel, select a reason you would like to cancel and then leave us any comments or suggestions you have. When you are ready, click the “Submit Cancellation Request” button.

Submit Cancellation

We will send you a confirmation email, asking you to verify that you want the selected services canceled. Respond to that email and your selected services will be canceled immediately.

If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to Contact Support and we will be happy to assist you.

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