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GreenGeeks Backup Policies

How We Protect Your Data

GreenGeeks performs regular disaster recovery backups of our EcoSite & Reseller hosting platform, and GreenGeeks aims to keep approximately 30 sets of recovery backups at all times.

At the server level, GreenGeeks utilizes RAID-10 SSD storage arrays on all servers to prevent data loss due to drive failure, along with regularly running file system checks to ensure the integrity of the file system. 

Note that GreenGeeks does not automatically backup VPS or Dedicated Servers.

Are GreenGeeks Backups Publicly Accessible?

The primary purpose of GreenGeeks backups is to protect against data loss due to hardware or software failure on our end.

GreenGeeks EcoSite Pro, or Premium, customers have direct access to GreenGeeks’ system backups and can restore data on-demand without GreenGeeks’ assistance.   

Other customers are eligible for one free manual restore per month, and additional restores are available for $25 each.

How Do I Request the Restoration of Files?

To request a GreenGeeks backup restore on your hosting service, Open a Support Ticket from GreenGeeks Dashboard.

Please note that before opening a backup restore request, you should locate the full path of the files or folders being restored, along with the approximate date you’d like to restore data from and any MySQL databases.

Should I Rely on the Disaster Recovery Backups for Maintaining Backups of My Website?

No! It is not safe to rely upon GreenGeeks’ backups alone.

While GreenGeeks makes every effort to protect your data, we strongly encourage you to create backups of your website files and MySQL databases, especially before any major software or content updates to the website. 

From our backups, GreenGeeks does not guarantee that our disaster recovery backup system can restore your website to a specific date.

How do I create my own backups?

Hosting accounts smaller than 10GB can generate a complete cPanel account backup using cPanel’s Backup Wizard tool.

At the website level, aside from plugins like Updraft, the Softaculous app installer tool can have the ability to create backups on demand or scheduled.

For more information about creating your backups, refer to the GreenGeeks knowledge base articles under  How Do I Create a Backup of My Website? & How to Backup WordPress Using Softaculous.

Does GreenGeeks allow storage for backups I generate?

No. GreenGeeks automatically removes most backups after 48 hours.

GreenGeeks’ archival policy disallows the storage of user-generated backups of all kinds, including but not limited to WordPress plugin backups, Softaculous backups, and full or partial cPanel account backups, per our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service.

Although GreenGeeks strongly encourages our customers to generate their backups, GreenGeeks does not allow the archival of files on our EcoSite or Reseller network for long-term storage, including backups.    

With this in mind, GreenGeeks suggests downloading generated backups locally, or users can set up a remote backup storage server via FTP or another protocol. 

Full backups generated from within your GreenGeeks cPanel account using the backup wizard, or large Softaculous backups, are automatically purged after 48 hours. 

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