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Should You Really Use Email Forwarding?

What is email forwarding?

Email forwarding routes incoming messages for a particular email account to an entirely different email account.

When is Email Forwarding a good idea?

Email forwarding can be most useful when aggregating messages from various mailboxes into a single account locally.
For example, to combine emails from [email protected] & [email protected] -> [email protected]. In such a case, you can check a single email account ([email protected]) to view messages addressed to any of the three recipients.

When is Email Forwarding a problem?

Email forwarding becomes a problem when the forwarder sends messages to a remote destination address that is not on the same mail server as the original recipient.
For instance, forwarding messages from to

Why is external Email Forwarding bad?

An external email forwarder set up to send mail to a remote destination is not the best practice since all messages sent to the forwarding address will be forwarded to the destination as if the recipient was the original sender.
Forwarding all messages means that any SPAM sent to [email protected] gets sent to [email protected] along with the legitimate messages.

Why does forwarding SPAM harm my email reputation?

Remote mail forwarders make it appear to the recipient server ( that your domain is the source of the SPAM messages instead of the original sender.
Forwarding the SPAM messages will harm your overall email reputation, as you will be marked as the source of the SPAM, making your future messages more likely to be marked SPAM or rejected entirely.

What can I do to send a copy of my emails to Gmail or Yahoo?

Instead of setting up a forwarder, most major email providers provide a way to connect an existing mail account and regularly fetch the contents of the account’s Inbox.
Essentially, you’ll create a POP3 connection to the GreenGeeks server from the remote mail provider, in order to download the email messages.
Or, if you prefer, you can set up Gmail to receive messages from your GreenGeeks domain.

Why is a remote POP3 connection better than Email Forwarding?

A POP3 provides a direct link to the email server instead of sending the message using SMTP.
Using a POP3 connection provides two significant benefits over SMTP:
  1. There’s no risk of the message being lost or rejected during the forwarding process.
  2. Since the messages aren’t being sent again over SMTP, there’s no impact on your domain’s reputation from SPAM sent to the remote mail account.

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