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VPS Quick Links

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Here are some links that will help you with VPS configuration and management. For more information, see Getting Started With Your GreenGeeks VPS.

VPS Management

Securing your VPS

  • WHM Security – how to set a question/answer login challenge, and add IP addresses to a list that bypasses the challenge.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) – when you enable two-factor authentication, a login code is required in addition to the account username and password. Typically the code is generated by a mobile application.
  • AutoSSL – how to set up the automatic installation of domain-validated SSL certificates for sites hosted on your VPS.

Notification Settings


  • MultiPHP Manager – control the PHP version, PHP-FPM settings, pool options, and PHP INI directives for each site on your VPS.
  • MultiPHP INI Manager – further controls for the php.ini files for sites on your VPS.

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